Opt-Shield AIR, with Forced-Air Warming™

S.A.F.E. Patient-Handling System with Forced-Air Warming for Surgical Patients

ANNOUNCEMENT: Opt-Shield AIR is now FDA-approved

BCG MEDICAL is pleased to announce that the Opt-Shield AIR
with Forced Air Warming Capability is now FDA-Approved.

Opt-Shield AIR with built-in Forced-Air Warming capability (Triple-Layer Technology, patent-pending, with minimal air turbulence, helps keep the patient warm BEFORE, DURING and AFTER surgery.


Each Opt-shield AIR SUPINE package includes:

  • Patient Transfer System for lateral transfer (safer lateral transfer because all lines/patient’s arms are secured)
  • Arm-Positioning System (accommodates up to 400 lbs patient)
  • Line and Tube Fastening System (keeps lines organized and secured during surgery and transport)
  • OR table protection (reduces risk of crossed contamination between patients) for quick turn-over
  • Active warming capability with Triple-Layer Technology(helps reduce infection, improve wound healing, lower cardiac morbidity and quick anesthesia recovery).
  • Underbody Forced-Air Warming Blanket Equivalence